Super Bowl for most Americans is one of the most important events of the year, even more important than… the presidential election! What’s so attractive about the final championship game of American football?

Jubilee, the 50th Super Bowl, was held at the Californian Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara. Because of the marketing aspects, name of the event for the first time has been noted using Arabic numerals – not like before – Roman. Although the game itself should be the most important part of the final, the atmosphere, which the multimedia formed was so thrilling that this is what the fans remember the most.

This year, use of multimedia solutions had the great importance of building a space near the play game playing field. As a form of celebrating the golden 50th anniversary, you could play the motion capture game, created especially for this occasion. Information about the tournament was presented by special visualization, and with help of augmented reality technology fans could visit the Super Bowl town.

More than a million participants of the event had the opportunity to experience the additional attractions in the Energy Fan Zone. Fans played football as avatars using sensors on a huge screen and could virtually become a part of the most popular dance or music groups. Multimedia entertainment involved fans who found joy in interactive attractions.

Fans could become play makers themselves. How? Through the use of the virtual reality, which by simulating training exercises created an additional opportunity to test oneself as a professional athlete. The equipment has enabled precise measurement of the speed and accuracy of the throw. By using SAP HANA Cloud results were processed and updated in real time, and then published on the 15-meter video wall.

Video wall also served to display content generated by the participants of the event. Videos, photos and posts from social networks were popping up on a huge seamless video wall. As a result, fans could share their posts on social media, thereby promoting the event among friends. And as you know, satisfied participants are the best advertisement!

In today’s interactive world, each of us needs an incentive. Multimedia offers a great opportunity to engage participants in the event, what the behavior of fans at the 50th Super Bowl illustrates best. The use of competition mechanisms, interaction and appealing visual experience is exactly what engages and entertains us and also stays in our memory.