Interactive technologies are a great solution during conferences, events, and fairs.
Touch monitors will engage your recipient and will form a great element of the visual setting of your event. Allow your recipients to explore your message in their individual rhythm. Provide them with an interesting way of acquiring information through fun, various types of quizzes as well as contests. Allow them to enter the world of virtual visualization. Create a survey thanks to which you will be able to acquire the required feedback from recipients and use it to further develop your company. You will be able to achieve all of this with the use of interactive tables, which will spark interest among the recipients and motivate them to take actions as well as take an active part in the event.

Action, reaction, interaction. It is this that the modern recipient expects. Interactive solutions will form a great multimedia setting for your event, which will encourage the participants of the event to interact, have fun, and acquire information. The application of touchscreen technology depends first and foremost on your fantasy. Contact us and we will provide you with the necessary equipment and prepare an interactive multimedia presentation.

SQM is a real vault of the highest-quality equipment. Our product range includes not only multi-touch technologies, such as interactive and touchscreen monitors but also a multimedia stand. Choose the best interactive solutions for you – see the full offer on the website of our innovative rental company.