LCD monitors

Large-format monitors allow to expose the depth of the colour and to quickly change the displayed content. Thanks to this, your exhibition stand will be one of the most eye-catching ones, and the organised event will gain an incredible visual setting.

We are open to a creative approach to technology. Hence, we are able to create an artistic layout of monitors of various shapes, which will cooperate with one another, capturing the displayed content from one device to another. All of this will mean that the installation will be dynamic and unique.

Large-format monitors are suitable for commercial operation. They are able to function for as much as 24 hours per day. Thanks to this, you can be sure that your message will constantly be reaching interested recipients.

SQM has the highest-quality equipment at its disposal. Our product range not only includes large-format monitors, but also 4K monitors! 4K is four times more than full HD!

In order for your event to be of the highest standard, one monitor is not enough! Only a combination of multiple screens using seamless technology allows to construct a video wall, which will allow to display image in surprising forms! An enormous area made up of modules, which is used to display images, allows to successfully combine effectiveness with performance. We are offering the rent and installation of a video wall – created with the use of seamless monitors. A bezel-free screen does not have the characteristic bezel, thanks to which the devices can be connected into various shapes, simultaneously achieving a high-quality image, displayed on the entire area of the wall.