Projection & Mapping

You do not need a standard screen in order to achieve spectacular effects and a fantastic image quality. 3D mapping, i.e. three-dimensional projections, will allow you to broadcast an image on the facades of buildings, cars, on specific elements of the scenery, and if needed also on promoted products.

Move beyond the standards, and open up to the possibilities provided by mapping. Large-format projection not only allows for a spectacular presentation of images, but it also allows to deepen the message. Create an innovative cultural dialog thanks to the transmission of images onto various elements of the urban landscape.

We provide the highest-quality equipment and we will take care of displaying the projections so that the whole will cooperate with each other in a perfect way. The combination of our experience and the creative minds at SQM will result in amazing creations in the urban landscape or during events.

Are you wondering how we are able to move the urban landscape using images? The projections are transmitted using the edge-blending technology, they can be projected onto all surface types, connecting the image displayed using multiple sources into one, consistent whole. Thanks to this, 3D mapping makes mouldings and columns come alive, and the whole immediately becomes incredibly dynamic. Large-format projections are a great solution, which will meet the expectations of modern recipients who expect interactions and spectacular performances.