Not that long ago Full HD was a synonym of the best possible quality. Now it has been replaced by one digit and one letter – 4K. The equipment of this resolution generates the image that resembles 3D.

What does 4K mean? 4000 pixels of width. These are the measurements of the image in the monitors of the newest generation. That’s almost four times more pixels than present Full HD. More details, better quality of image – these are the effects of innovative 4K solutions.It’s been over ten years since the first tries to introduce 4K technology. The first camera based on this avant-garde solution was made in 2003. For the next decade the devices were being constantly improved to achieve nowadays advanced form.
To properly imagine the incredible quality of 4K screens it’s enough to think about four FullHD monitors joined together into one big surface. Even people with poor imagination will be impressed.
Seven years after the release of the first 4K camera YouTube as well as Vimeo allowed to publish video materials in the maximum resolution of 4096 x 3072. This change has introduced 4K into lives of the Internet users for good.

4K monitors are becoming even bigger part of households and companies using well-known rule that people are divided between those who love big TVs and those who love enormous TVs. 4K technology allows to build even larger monitors while keeping the perfect sharpness. It’s a truly cinematic experience. The new technology equally amazes and frightens. What terrifies is the felling that in the nearest future we’ll be able to display on a regular TV Godzilla in its actual size. But that’s the risk we’re willing to take during the fight for a flawless image quality.