FITUR Madrid 2024.

We're kicking off the exhibition season at full speed in the halls of IFEMA MADRID, where the FITUR Madrid 2024 International Travel Fair has begun.

We begin our coverage with the Puerto Rico stand, which offers an impressive array of multimedia solutions. At the stand, visitors can admire an LED tunnel made of frameLED screens, two cylindrical screens (including one suspended) built from reliable UPADIV-S Flex screens, and an interactive LED floor along with an arched LED wall.

Adding to the experience are two VR zones, large-format monitors and elements of stage technology.

We equipped the Colombia stand with 6 P3 LED pillars, each 4.5m high, a curved LED screen on the suspension and at the stand reception.

In addition, we comprehensively implemented broadcast TV using PTZ cameras, implemented an audio system and a sequence of touchscreen monitors.

Photo gallery from the realization.

Photo gallery from the realization.

Technologies used.

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LED screen on suspension

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