SQM Values Week 2023.

126 guests from various parts of the world. 55 companies. Hundreds of square meters of LED screens. Spectacular presentations and expositions. Workshops for partners and clients. Chill-out area.

This is what it looked like on the open days at our headquarters - SQM Values Week!

For the occasion, we prepared a special showroom and Experience Hours program that gave our guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of multimedia.

Right from the start, we installed an interactive LED wall made up of P1 Absen screens, which, thanks to its integration with a laser sensor, allowed the display of previously executed commands in an effective way, thus creating a coherent experience. We also presented impressive cubes made of special LED screen models, as well as a holographic LED system that displayed 3D elements.

The Experience Hours program also included a presentation of creative lighting systems from creaTubes and Prolights, where spots, washes, profile spotlights and floodlights - all with excellent exhibition applications - played a starring role.

Another section consisted of rigging and staging areas that worked well with frameLED screens, demonstrating the benefits of modular systems. This section was combined with an immersive tunnel created with Flex screens, a P3 LED floor and a frameLED screen with an inner and outer curve.

All this was complemented by very valuable discussions about innovations, challenges, sharing experiences and values with our guests, topped off with sweet and salty refreshments, good fun accompanied by locally brewed SQM beer and Prosecco.

Was it worth it? So much so that we can't wait for the next edition!

Photo gallery from the realization.

Photo gallery from the realization.

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125 guests

Komorniki, Poland

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