ITB Berlin 2023.

In a force of 53 technicians, we were present at Messe Berlin, where the world's largest travel exhibition, ITB Berlin 2023, took place from 5.03. to 07.03.

The event brought us many more unforgettable challenges, which we were most pleased to face. Check out an overview of some of our clients' stands at the event.

A comprehensively realized Sharjah stand, where we had the opportunity to present a wide range of our capabilities - from staging to multimedia solutions.
We started the realization of the stand with staging, more specifically truss elements, on which we suspended 30 m³ of central ceiling composed of P2.6 LED screens, LED screens around the perimeter of the stand, as well as PAR and SPOT lighting.
At the Sharjah stand, we realized a concept in the form of an LED tunnel along with 48 m² of Yestech P3.9 LED floor and a dozen LED pillars that were synchronized with each other.
We complemented the whole with several smaller P2 LED installations, including at the reception of the stand, in the waiting area, and by the side sectors. There was, of course, a professional sound system, such as studio speakers, ceiling speakers and digital mixers.

At the heart of the stand, we presented an LED wall composed of Gloshine MV2.6 screens, while the main attraction was two 9D chairs with VR goggles that were synchronized with an interactive kiosk.

Red Sea
At this stand, we implemented two 7.5×1.5 m LED walls and one 1.5×4.5 m LED pillar - all using Esdlumen screens controlled by Novastar VX1000 processors.
We also brought to life a concept consisting of several touchscreen monitors (including a 75-inch Iiyama) and a wall-mounted sound system.

Philippines and Sri Lanka
The stands where we had the pleasure of using one of our newest products - 28.5 m² and 16.5 m² of Unilumin UpadIV-PRO screens with 2.6 mm pixel pitch. We rounded out the entire stand with a comprehensive sound system, including microphone systems and bodypacks.

We embellished the visually impressive stand with 117 units of P3 LED screen on suspension across the width of the structure. There was also our support in terms of stage technology.
We also realized the stand in terms of audio, providing amplifiers and ceiling speakers. In addition, there were touchscreen monitors and 4K monitors. 

For the stand advertising the beautiful European island, we prepared two 3×2 m LED screens, which we suspended on elements of the truss structures we supplied. 

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53 technicians

Berlin, Germany

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